A downloadable game for Windows

You are Kaye Kennedy, code name: MOMO.

You and your teammates are on a mission to find and destroy a mysterious new weapon and discover what became of your missing agent.

*Run and jump your way through the base, avoiding traps and solving puzzles
*Explore to collect new abilities, weapons, and boost stats
*Use timed hits in turn-based combat to be super effective
*Explode lots of robots

Z - Confirm/Examine/Talk
X - Jump/Cancel/Back
A - Switch Ability
C - Use Ability
Esc - Pause

Install instructions

Unzip, run Game.exe, and enjoy. :)


Momo Bomber.zip 127 MB

Development log


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I'm still playing it! It's a seriously AWESOME game!! Too RAD!!!

Why can't all games be this good???!!!!

Amazing game! Everyone should try this one out. It's very nostalgic, the game is well designed, and it has some extra features you can find in the game. The music is amazing and it's clear that there was a lot of effort put into it. Worth the download and the time to play it.  Voting 5 stars was an easy choice for me.

goooood game!!!