IGMC Aftermath

My personal IGMC 2018 results(I just think they're neat): 
29 collections 
24 new followers 
and People's Choice rank #24 with 33 ratings 

Soooo... what now? 
Momo stays on RPG Maker MV, and stays free. It'll remain  small, and I'll do my best to make the engine as forgiving as possible as far as the controls (oof). I'm aiming for the final to be released in February, fingers crossed. 

Current to-do list priorities: 
- General bug-fixing 
- Repairing the whole final section (so the game can be completed) 
- Getting rid of those pesky placeholders 
- Update to trap/enemy placement 
- Battle balancing 

A big thank you to everyone who's played and rated the game! I've really appreciated the feedback!

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